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According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, published by Statista Research, 6G technology subscriptions will surpass 10 billion this year.

While 5G brought significant improvements, for example, in streaming videos seamlessly, 6G has 1000 times the speed, meaning that uploads, downloads, data transfers, and streams will be much faster.

6G will boost the Internet of Things (IoT), which involves internet-powered smart devices (AI) linking and operating together. Unlike with 5G, many devices can connect to the 6G network without a significant drop in speed, latency, and reliability. That’s because of the network-slicing feature that creates independent networks offering different services for each device.

Furthermore, while 5G mobile networks struggle with connectivity in a crowded location, 6G can transmit its radio waves to as many as 10 million devices per square kilometer.

6G technology adoption

Enabling Distributed and Hybrid Digital Twins within the Industry5.0 Cloud Continuum 0 (0)

The environment friendly exploitation of the cloud continuum (interworking of commercial cloud, edge cloud, 5G/B5G base stations, and fog node applied sciences) is a key issue for future Industry4.0 and past functions. For occasion, with their means to work extra domestically to information sources and to controllable actuators, cloud continuum-based options are thought-about very promising…

6G technology adoption

Doreen Bogdan-Martin Wins ITU Election to Become First Female Secretary-General 0 (0)

United States-backed candidate Doreen Bogdan-Martin has been elected the primary feminine Secretary-General within the historical past of the International Telecommunication Union. She obtained 139 votes in opposition to 25 gathered by her opponent, Rashid Ismailov. Beyond a person and historic achievement for Bogdan-Martin and ladies normally, the outcome can also be a geopolitical win for…

6G technology adoption

Top Five Questions About 6G Technology 0 (0)

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2022 / As 5G continues to roll out, work is already effectively underway on its successor. 6G wi-fi expertise brings with it a promise for a greater future. Among different objectives, 6G expertise intends to merge the human, bodily, and digital worlds. In doing so, there’s a hope…

6G technology adoption

Strange Topological Physics Could Help Enable 6G Tech 0 (0)

Whether a brand new radio-based service will intrude with current providers in the identical slice of the spectrum looks as if an easy physics downside. Usually, although, opposing events’ technical analyses give totally different outcomes. Disagreement among the many engineers then opens the way in which for public security to change into only one amongst…

6G technology adoption

Singapore opens first bodily 6G lab within the area 0 (0)

4G and 5G26 Sep 2022by SmartCitiesWorld information group The FCC lab is supported by Singapore’s National Research Foundation The metropolis’s new Future Communications Connectivity (FCC) lab will speed up analysis into future comms applied sciences. Oh no, sadly you’ve seen the utmost variety of articles earlier than we ask you to finish some primary particulars. Don’t…

6G technology adoption

The Metaverse and the Enterprise – Can Telcos Support Both with One Architecture? 0 (0)

Note – that is half two of two very totally different conversations about supporting enterprises by means of telecoms, from outsider and insider views. You can discover the primary article right here. “I do suppose that the subsequent couple of years will most likely be probably the most fascinating because the iPhone got here alongside,”…

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