The world is moving faster than ever before. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and the economy is struggling. As a result, many organizations are moving their events online. But with the right tools and a bit of creativity, online affairs can be even more engaging than in-person events. 

Virtual events are nothing new, but recent advancements in 3D technology are making them more realistic and engaging. In fact, according to a study by the international Event Association, 43 percent of event professionals plan to use virtual or hybrid events by 2020. 

Nowadays, 3D platforms are becoming more and more popular for virtual and hybrid events and virtual event platforms. Major industry players like Microsoft, Oracle, and Adobe heavily invest in this technology.

The aim is to help organizations create better engagement with their audience by giving them a more realistic and immersive experience.

What are 3D platforms?

3D platforms are digital spaces that allow users to interact with 3D content. 3D content can be anything from a simple 3D model to a complete 3D environment. 3D platforms are used for various purposes, including entertainment, education, and business.

3D platforms are growing in popularity due to the increasing availability of 3D content.

Additionally, 3D platforms are becoming more user-friendly with better tools for creating and sharing 3D content.

How do 3D platforms add value to virtual and hybrid events?

3D platforms can add tremendous value to virtual and hybrid events. They can provide a more immersive experience for participants, making it feel like they are there. 

3D platforms can also help create a more social experience, encouraging participants to interact with one another.

Additionally, the 3D platforms can be used to provide live streaming of events, allowing people who are not able to attend in person to participate nonetheless.

3D platforms can help improve communication and collaboration among participants and help streamline event planning and execution.

Benefits of using 3D platforms for virtual and hybrid events?

3D platforms for virtual and hybrid events are becoming more popular. This is because they offer many benefits over traditional webinar platforms. For example, when used for virtual events, 3D platforms can create a more immersive experience for attendees as they can see and interact with other participants in real-time.

This can help create a sense of community among attendees and make the event feel more like an in-person gathering.

3D platforms create an immersive experience that leads to higher levels of engagement.

We are not very far away from the future when 3D platforms become a very normal part of our lives as they are now. Whether it is event planning, event software, or virtual event platforms, 3D platforms will be there in everything.

There are a variety of alternative 3D platforms available, and the appropriate tool for any given event will ultimately depend on the event’s goals. However, because 3D technology is constantly advancing, these platforms currently provide a unique, immersive choice for virtual and hybrid events.


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